One of the images above is a still from the Satyajit Ray film Ghare-Baire (1984; Home and the World), set in 1905 and telling the story of the political awakening of a woman whose husband encourages her to leave the purdah (screen) and go into the world.

Chick blinds are a traditional form of screen popular in Bengal, placed both inside the house (to create separation between sections) and outside on verandahs or balconies. It was through screens such as these that women would often meet or converse with visitors or look out into the outside world.

The blinds are made from finely hand-cut and hand-finished bamboo, treated with fire to remove oil before splitting. The designs are made by interweaving twine within the bamboo sticks on a single bamboo pole using weights.

Our chick blinds are made to order in-house, with a variety of finishing options to choose from.