Namay Samay is an artisanal fabric house to the interior design trade. We are a family business, founded in London in 2010 and operating from production facilities in Bengal and Bhutan.

At the heart of what we do is the love of craft and the creative process. Our fabrics are made by us in-house using a variety of core techniques that encompass weaving, printing and embroidery; these are supported by design, dying, washing, finishing and tailoring functions. The scope of the activities we are directly engaged in opens up a multitude of possibilities and helps make our fabrics distinctive.

Our aim is to develop fabrics that possess a character and warmth reminiscent of old textiles. Whilst our origins are in the traditional weaving heritage of the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, our techniques and aesthetic influences have expanded over time. We draw upon historical designs from around the world where we think there is an opportunity to use our methods to make something interesting and relevant.

Namay Samay is a superlative in the Bhutanese language literally meaning “beyond sky and beyond earth”.